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With more than 85 data centers in over 20 countries and markets, we can offer you one of the largest and most comprehensive data center footprints in the world. Our data centers are in key locations across the globe and provide critical regional requirements for scale, capacity and availability relevant to your needs. We enable growth and innovation across your organization for your customers through a worldwide connected platform.

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Clients can leverage our data center infrastructure, combining data center capacity that meets demands with tailored local expertise wherever and whenever it is needed. Each of our data centers delivers an optimum environment and has been designed to deliver 100% uptime, consistent service, high physical security and key amenities such as office, collaboration and social spaces, for day-to-day operators, IT experts and visiting executives.

We are a communications and data center company, one of the largest network companies in the world with an internet backbone on a global scale, that delivers services, connectivity and infrastructure. With data centers designed to perfectly fit your capacity planning and modeling, you have all the scalable agility you need to guarantee your customers will have the workload capacity they demand anywhere in the world.

NTT Global Data Centers enables growth and innovation for customers wherever in the world it’s needed – discover how.

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From London to Jakarta, from Tokyo to Silicon Valley, we have data centers in key locations across the globe. Discover where we are and why we provide the premium experience you and your customers expect.

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From the ground up, we build the highest possible quality data centers - from networking, cooling and electrical distribution to building usage design, our data centers will keep your business up and running. And with our work spaces and additional amenities, your team will enjoy coming to work in our data centers.

When it comes to data center security, keeping your mission-critical infrastructure and team safe from harm is top priority.

From designs that protect against natural disasters to deploying multi-layered security measures on-site to maintaining industry-leading certifications and compliance standards, we keep your employees and equipment safe.

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You can deliver a high-quality service to all your customers through our data centers across the world. We build and offer opportunities in key locations across our growing and developing global footprint of data centers. And we continue to expand and enhance our offer so you can scale at speed wherever and whenever you need to.

No other data center provider can match the breadth and depth of services we offer. Simply put, we offer more services and solutions than anyone else.

All this while driving to a more sustainable future for us, for you and for the world.

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